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Financial Assistance for Homebuyer and Sellers


Financial Assistance for Homebuyer and Sellers

Unlock Your Financial Freedom: Explore Mortgage Options Today❗

Are you dreaming of owning your own home, but unsure about the mortgage options available to you? Don’t let uncertainty hold you back from your homeownership goals. The key to financial success lies in making informed choices, and that begins with understanding your mortgage options.

Why should you explore mortgage options in the market? Here are some compelling reasons:

Save Big: By comparing mortgage rates and terms from different lenders, you can potentially save thousands of dollars over the life of your loan. Lower interest rates mean more money in your pocket.

Tailored Solutions: Everyone’s financial situation is unique. Exploring mortgage options allows you to find a loan that suits your specific needs, whether you’re a first-time buyer, looking to refinance, or upgrading to a new home.

Financial Security: Knowing your mortgage options helps you plan for the future. You can assess affordability, budget effectively, and secure your family’s financial stability.

Competitive Advantage: The mortgage market is always evolving. By staying informed and exploring your options, you’ll be better equipped to take advantage of favorable conditions when they arise.

Dreams Come True: Your dream home may be more attainable than you think. Exploring mortgage options could reveal opportunities you never knew existed, bringing you one step closer to your ideal home.

Take the first step towards securing your financial future and realizing your homeownership dreams. Explore the diverse mortgage options available in the market today. Here are some of the options I collected from my networking for your review and considerations.

Sun West Mortgage Company, INC.

Sun West proudly presents the EQUO Down Payment Assistance (DPA) Program – your secret weapon to make homeownership dreams come true.


  • Flexible Credit Requirements: Just a 580+ FICO score opens doors to homeownership for more clients.
  • Up to 5% Assistance: Empower your clients with up to 3.5% or 5% of the lesser of the Purchase price or Appraised value as assistance. Repayable over a 10-year period1, with a rate only 2% higher than their first mortgage.
  • Endless Possibilities: Use funds for down payments, closing costs, or both – giving your clients the freedom they need.
  • Diverse Property Choices: From single homes to multi-units, condominiums to manufactured houses. This program is designed to accommodate diverse property choices.
  • Stable Amortization Plans: 30-Year fixed 1st lien, 10-year fixed 2nd lien.
  • No Buyer Limits: EQUO DPA welcomes all buyers, whether it’s their first home or fifth.
  • Seamless Financing: With DTI as per AUS and Manual Underwriting aligned with FHA guidelines*, this program caters to the unique needs of your clients.

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SecurityNational Mortgage Company, INC.

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First Financial Bank

Cadence Bank

Right@Home loan 

►100% max loan to value

►No Mortgage Insurance

►No Income Limits in Low-to –Moderate income tract areas

►80% of the average median income in any track in the MSA other than LMI areas

►Reduced fees -$500 reduction in BXS Administration Fee

►Flexible sources for down payment and closing cost

►Up to $647,200 (conforming limits) in loan amount(Austin, Dallas, Houston, Atlanta, Tampa and Nashville); all others up to $425,000

►Maximum DTI- 40% with 640 CS; 45% with 680 CS

►Property must be Single Family Primary residence (one (1)(100%LTV) or two (2)(90%LTV) units or condo.

►Borrower may not have an ownership interest in any other residential dwelling at the time of loan closing. Unimproved lot or land and Mobile homes if it is not taxable and titled as real property , are not considered as  owning another residential property.

►Up to 30 years term

►Fix rate

Right@Home Emerging Communities

· If the property is in a Middle or Upper Income tract, but the Borrower’s income exceeds the requirement for Right@Home, but the property is located in a Majority-Minority Census Tract (Minority% above 50.00%), the borrower(s) will qualify for the Right@Home Emerging Communities as long as their income does not exceed 200% of the MSA’s EMFI in Middle/Upper Income Census Tracts.

MaxAccess Assistance Program

MaxAccess is a loan subsidy program that will enhance affordability for potential homebuyers and homeowners in select counties of the Bank’s Houston Assessment areas. Applicants may receive up to a total of $10,000 depending on funds availability.

•Loan purposes: purchase or refinance of a 1-4 family home purchase

•The purchase property must be the borrower’s primary residence

•Qualified Applicant may receive up to $10,000 

•The applicant will have the discretion to use the funds for down payment assistance, principal reduction on refinance, closing costs, and/or payment of initial mortgage insurance premium.

•MaxAccess can be layered with other Down Payment Assistance Programs

•Lenders may utilize the Bank’s Right@Home, Portfolio, Conventional and Government Loan products

•Eligibility for the MaxAcces is NOT income dependent

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Cadence Bank

JUMBO Loan Products. Based on income & assets, NOT job title!

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JVM Lending

“Temporary buydown” to buyers – that lowers their effective interest rate by as much as 3%!

Offering a buydown is often far less expensive than a large price reduction, and – offering 3% below market rates is often far more enticing to buyers than a large price reduction.

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Don’t miss out on the chance to find the perfect mortgage that fits your needs, budget, and aspirations. Your journey to financial freedom starts now!